Solarni lampy


Biodynamic of Light

Light Polution

Although we are no longer even aware of the existence of light pollution, it poses many health risks for us. Our bodies are naturally adjusted to a regular 24-hour (so-called circadian) cycle.

If we are exposed to excessive amounts of artificial light at night, our sleep is of poorer quality. As a result, the hormone melatonin, which is essential for mental and physical regeneration of the body, is not being produced. Similarly, light smog has a negative effect on all living organisms.

Our Programme: Africa And Equatorial Regions

We actively try to help in the equatorial regions of Africa and South America by increasing the technological level in cooperation with state organizations as well as directly with individual local companies. We focus our programs primarily on the needs of the inhabitants of rural areas.

We are preparing new prototypes of photovoltaic devices designed both for the port city of Abidjan (with a population of several million inhabitants) as well as for meeting the needs of the inhabitants of underprivileged villages in the middle of the African wilderness.