Solarni lampy


Our Further Activities

What else do we do at Enstore?


Photovoltaic systems

We design and implement hybrid and island photovoltaic systems.

What are the characteristics of our photovoltaic systems?

- Exceptionally long lifespan of the entire system
- Battery life of at least 5,000 cycles, i.e. 15 to 20 years
- Possibility to expand the modular assembly at any time
- Online monitoring of all system functions

Production of drinking water using solar energy

We participate in the development and production of stationary and mobile filtration equipment that produce drinking water even from a very polluted water.

Solar cells allow the filtration equipment to work almost immediately anywhere
in the field even without a connection to electricity. Thanks to the unique filtration procedure, biological contaminants (such as viruses and bacteria) are effectively eliminated and the dissolved solid particles (i.e. various sediments) are removed.

In the end, the drinking water is enriched with additional minerals so that it is
not only harmless but is now beneficial to health.